WRT54GS & WSB24: Compatibility Question

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Hootie, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Hootie

    Hootie Guest

    Hey Guys,

    Just purchased the Linksys Speedbooster (WRT54GS) and the associated adapter card. My brother has a Signal booster (WSB24) he purchased 3 months ago that he no longer needs. I've read on the web that the WSB24 is only compatible with the Access Point (WAP11) & Access Point Router (BEFW11S4). However, I've seen where people are posting that they have used this with their Speedbooster (WRT54GS) with success and added range.

    Has anyone had any success or failures they would like to post?

    Thanks for the input,

  2. EastTunerz

    EastTunerz Guest

    im looking to do the same thing

    i want to use the following in comb with each other, anybody tried this?

    wrt54gs+wsb24+high gain antennas=???

    i don't want to waste money buying a wsb24 off ebay if it isnt going to work with the wrt54gs

    thanks in advance for your help.
  3. n9lya

    n9lya LI Guru Member

    Works for me

    I have the wrt54GS + wsb24+ High Gain Antennas and I set the wrt54GS to feed the wsb24 with 50mw and it has significantly increased the power output as well as reliability of the wireless signal...

    All wireless users are reporting much faster internet connectivity.

    It is a home ham radio network ....

    Jerry N9LYA
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