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WRT54Gv4 HyperWRT 100905 to DD-WRT v23 121005-2 update fails

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by dirtyclyde, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. dirtyclyde

    dirtyclyde Network Guru Member

    Had HyperWRT 2.1b1/4.20.8+ 100905 loaded and working on WRT54Gv4, tried to update using GUI to DD-WRT v23 121005-2 STD, failed to update. Tried reset to defaults all that crap, power up, long 30sec reset etc.etc.etc. Still failed using GUI. I only power cycled only after using the xxx.exe from Linksys.

    Used Linksys WRT54GV4.0_4.20.7_US_code.exe This worked OK

    DD-WRT v23 121005 Std and Mini
    Tried to update using GUI to DD-WRT v23 STD wrt54g failed
    Tried to update using GUI to DD-WRT v23 STD generic failed
    Uupdated using GUI to DD-WRT v23 Mini this worked

    I did a nvram erase then rebooted

    Updated using GUI to DD-WRT v23 STD wrt54g OK

    You Guys think the HyperWRT left some var. laying around to stop a Update to DD-WRT.??

    Also on HyperWRT I could not Update using GUI to orignal WRT54GV4.0_4.20.7_US_code.bin had to use the LinkSys xx.exe to get back to orignal firmware.

    Down and Out.

    All is Well now, back to DD-WRTv23 on my WRT54Gv4 STD

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