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WRT54Gv5 and UPnP: to whom i must believe?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by DrTofu83, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. DrTofu83

    DrTofu83 Network Guru Member

    I've recently bought for my home, for using it with a PC and two laptop with WLAN, a WRT54G. It happened to be a v5, but form what I had to do, it does the trick.
    But Azureus keeps me giving an UPnP error. So I've downloaded the UPnP Test, who keeps me giving this error:

    I've read in your forum topics as this and this to enforce the position of a firmwar bugs. But yesterday Linksys replied me at a mail on the matter with this phrase:

    Of course, I've already tried an hard reset. Unsuccessfully. And strangely, it did loss the configuration, but not username and password of my ISP.

    To whom I must believe, them, and so return the router and wait for a fully functional v5 (alas is a matter of fact that the store in which I bought it has no more v4 to spare), or keep it waiting for a better 1.007 firmware?

    EDIT: Disconnecting my iBook, connected wirelessly to the local network, and resetting the router with his rear button, the UPnP kicks in for a little while, than acts erratical, sometimes function, sometimes shutting down itself. If it's an hardware error, it would be the strangest I've ever seen...

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