WRT54GX (with "SRX") DNS and WINS, other issues

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BrooklynWalker, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. BrooklynWalker

    BrooklynWalker Network Guru Member

    Good afternoon. I recently replaced my WRT54G with a WRT54GX (new one has 3 antennae and the "SRX" feature). I've noticed several issues:

    1) When a client PC gets a DHCP lease, the DNS servers in that option are not the DNS's provided by my ISP as before, but the IP address of the router itself. Maybe it's an enhancement which would let me resolve the names of any hosts which register themselves with the router's DHCP server, and the router acts as a DNS proxy to the real DNS servers?

    2) From within my network, I can no longer access a port-redirected host on my own network using the DDNS (dyndns.org) name and port #. It seems to work OK from outside, though.

    3) I can no longer specify any WINS server as an option to the DHCP scope, where I could with the old WRT54G. Did Linksys REMOVE this functionality?

    Has anyone seen these issues? Does anyone know more about this stuff than I do (probably!)?

    Thank you.

  2. joelb_123

    joelb_123 Guest

    I noticed issue #2 of yours and it was driving me crazy.

    Calling Linksys Tech support didn't do any good (they couldn't
    even give me the current firmware). However, I just flashed version 1.01.04 (a link appeared on linksysinfo.com news), and this problem went away.

    I was also having problems with port forwarding beyond the first port (80) from outside, not yet sure if this one is fixed.
  3. kenshell

    kenshell Network Guru Member

    firmware fixed my port forwarding problem.

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