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WRT54GX2 and QoS ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Szakal, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Szakal

    Szakal Network Guru Member


    Just ordered the pap2 and now want to order a good router.

    Is the WRT54GX2 a good option? I have read in the userguide that there is a Qos option but is this enough?

    Or should i choose for the wrt54gs model + third party firmware?

    What is better?

    I am a rather novice at building networks.

    Please give me some good advise.

    Have a 4mbps connection, upstream is 192kbps. Softphone goes very well but while downloading i experience some trouble.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Szakal

    Szakal Network Guru Member

    Why does nobody is willing to help? Because i am a novice?
  3. Szakal

    Szakal Network Guru Member

    Please help me, I must choose today!
  4. mikeinalexandria

    mikeinalexandria Network Guru Member

    WRT54GX2 has problems with PAP2

    I purchased the WRT54GX2 and the PAP2 experiences consistent data loss, both down and upsteam connected to the WRT54GX2. Someone on a Vonage forum pointed out that the WRT54GX2 connects the PAP2 in half-duplex mode which I verified as being true. I tried every configuration recommended by Vonage and Linksys to no avail. Bottom line is that you can't use your phone if your router's a WRT54GX2.
  5. Elijah86

    Elijah86 Guest

    I know this thread is old. but for the ppl who use google or the search button. yes you can use vonage and the gx2. i had the same problems and when i enabled UPnP it worked great. although when i use alot of bandwith it does start to cut out.

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