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WRT54GX2 cannot hold a wireless connection

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ciscofreak, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. ciscofreak

    ciscofreak Network Guru Member

    I noticed that during heavy download/upload traffic from a wired PC (to switch) I lose my wireless connection almost all together. It will drop for 30 seconds at a time and as frequent as every 5 seconds. When I stop my wired PC from downloading the wireless laptop never loses the connection.

    What the hell is wrong with this router? Can it not handle moderate traffic AND a laptop wireless connection at the same time? Is this thing overheating?

    Any help would be great; I am about to chuck this sucker out the window. :)
  2. bummpr

    bummpr Network Guru Member

    Me Too!

    I have had exact same problems with GX1 and GX4 models...but I don't think it is always related to heavy downloads...also occurs when just 2 laptops are working the wireless connection by easy browsing.

    The GX4 would not work at all until I turned off the firewall.

    They have great range and speed but are just plain flakey in keeping the router/access point operational. That new firmware better get here quick to fix these darn things. :drinking: They are driving me to drink (even more than usual).
  3. ciscofreak

    ciscofreak Network Guru Member

    LOL bummpr, I hear ya there on the drinkin :drinking: I think I will have a few and then contact tech support. Weeeeee!!!!
  4. ciscofreak

    ciscofreak Network Guru Member

    WOW, I cannot beleive there are only 2 people on this whole vast website that have had this issue :cry:

    Come on people! Where are all the experts :D
  5. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    I've posted server threads about this.....do a search and you will find them
  6. Royalblood

    Royalblood Network Guru Member


    I have WRT54G 2.2 Router when should firmware be upgraded ??

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