WRT54GX2 problems: xbox live

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by halomaniac, May 11, 2007.

  1. halomaniac

    halomaniac LI Guru Member

    My brother recently set up Wi-fi, and decided he doesn't want it anymore. Ever since he changed...well...some settings (I don't know which) i have been noticing some serious connection speed issues, and i don't know how to fix it.

    Any suggestions?

    Advanced wireless settings:

    Basic Rate set: set#2
    Transmission rate: auto
    cts protection mode: disable
    Beacon interval: 100
    DTIM Interval: 1
    Frag Threshold: 2346
    RTS threshold: 2347
    Preamble type: long
    network density: low
  2. halomaniac

    halomaniac LI Guru Member

    I will not reply to your messages in the next day or so because i have to go out of town for a soccer game.
  3. linksys

    linksys Network Guru Member

    Wrt54gx2 - Xbox

    You can request the beta firmware for the WRT54GX2 router with the xbox issue from linksys tech support. Try it out. Make sure that the xbox has static ip address/ dns nos configured so that everytime your powercycle, no issues in connecting. Reduce the mtu size to 1400 and may be 1350 to check for connectivity.

    Sometimes you may get a dns issue, nat is strict in xbox. To resolve this, uPnP should be enabled, filter multicast same case. Ports 88, 3074 should be opened in the router. Do a complete powercycle - modem, router, xbox & PC. If the modem is in PPPoE configuration, not an issue other wise double natting could be a issue with few of the service providers like sbc, bellsouth, verizon, etc.

    Post a response about the firmware functionality.
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