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wrt54gx2 status config page - DHCP table

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey. Wish I had checked here before running out and purchasing a wrt54gx2 router, but so far it has worked well. I am trying to run with no security (don't ask) and filtering access by mac address. I know you can get around this, but until I confirm all is well in my house I want to hold off on setting up security (had 1 pc that was flakey when I initially tried setting up WEP, so..). On the "Status" page of the router's config utility under "Local Network" it has a DHCP Client Table button. When you press this button it brings up the DHCP addresses that have been issued.
    This is a quote from the manual:
    So, I have limited the clients on the Wireless Network Access page, by mac address, but I don't see this phantom Delete box or button listed above anywhere on the DHCP pop up window (I had a few neighborhood pc's try and connect before I set up the mac address filter and would like to recover those IP addresses).

    Is this a bug or known goof up or am I just blind :eek:
    Thanks for any input on this, not a big issue as I can wait for the lease to run out but thought I would ask.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Here's a screen shot of the pop up page. Makes it easier for me to convey what I mean. No Delete boxes or buttons (or even expiration date/times for that matter):
  3. TundraDome

    TundraDome Network Guru Member

    Must be a bug, or a "legacy function" (hence old help language) from a prior router; or maybe we're both losing it!

    I have the GX2 and I just checked it out. You're right, I don't see away to drop someone who has a DHCP lease. Perhaps you can go to the setup page and provide only one DHCP assignment or disable DHCP and "save." (That should drop everyone that had a lease). Then, enable DHCP again, and allow for X number leases; and now only allow your computers to get a lease using MAC filtering.

    Interesting, I could have sworn that my old BEFW11S4v2 had the option you're looking for.

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