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wrt55ag unable to port forward

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ofblong, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ofblong

    ofblong LI Guru Member

    Ok I have set port forwarding for a few ports on my router to the ip of my internal computer. No matter what I do (yes I have the enable box checked to all ports I am trying to forward) it blocks all incoming connections on those ports. I can post screens later if need be (not at my computer). Also is there any good 3rd party firmware for this router or are they all for the 54ag routers?

    I should say I have the newest firmware. also if I set a computer on the DMZ for this router it still blocks these ports. It doesnt actually put that computer on the DMZ.
  2. ecotrojan

    ecotrojan Network Guru Member


    In a nutshell you cant, Linksys released the WRT55AG with firmware that does not work.

    I bought a WRT55AG to replace my WRT54GS. I needed the wireless 'A' for streaming live tv from my MCE to my XBOX360 extender.

    Unfortunately, I also have 3 I.P. cams on my network that needed to be open so my family around the world can see my kids. I tried for ages and had 4 live chats with Linksys to no avail. The only way for me still to have the I.P.Cams working and the MCE / XBOX360 extender working was to connect the WRT55AG to the WRT54GS. A basic work around provided by Linksys. To be honest, the last two things I have bought from Linksys have both had faulty firmware, there R&D / testing department need a rocket up the ass.

  3. ofblong

    ofblong LI Guru Member

    thanks for the reply. The last week it seems my router now will only stay connected wirelessly for about 2 hours before crashing to where I have to reboot the router. Looks like you started another thread and I am going to read it now. For some reason with the router I can still connect wired and be just fine but the wireless disconnects after 2 hours. I got this router on a recommendation but I dont need wireless A in any way shape or form.

    I take it that none of the 3rd party aps on here will work on my router then?

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