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WRT600N port forwarding

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MeThisGuy, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. MeThisGuy

    MeThisGuy Guest

    Hey guys. Hope someone can help me out. Just bought a new WRT600N (with my tax rebate :biggrin:) and I'm trying to set it up for some port forwarding. I got rid of my old router/modem combo and all I could find at the store was a DSL modem/router combo (I wanted just a DSL modem, no router). Behind this I have the WRT600N for the local network. I have successfully disabled all the firewall and router options on the DSL modem/router to allow port forwards to specific computers. I am running a server with WAP (port 8080 for cellular phone internet) and am not able to forward the ports through the Linksys router. When I connect the server directly to the DSL modem/router (LAN) it works great. But when I connect the server back through to the WRT600N router I can't seem to get through on port 8080. I have all the port forwarding on, firewall functions completely off, tried port range forwarding and even DMZ for the server. No dice...any ideas? I have DHCP set up but the server is static. Can't get the internet to work without NAT on the modem or linksys so I haven't turned that off. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I fully wanna use this latest Linksys piece of ingenuity...thx

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