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    I found this site through the Linksys customer website. I performed a search for previous WRTG54GR issues on this board, but none came up.

    I have owned a WRTG54GR router for about a year. The wired connections work great, overall speed is fantastic, and my one connected Dell laptop works without incident over wireless. The laptop has worked for the entire year. The problem with 2 wireless laptops is:

    - Both laptops must be turned on for DHCP to work over wireless
    - If I turn off laptop A, then laptop B will work until it is turned off
    - The next day laptop A will work fine, but laptop B will not get a DHCP address if laptop A is turned off. Laptop B hangs at acquiring network address
    - The situation will reverse if I restart the router and use laptop B first

    The laptops are not even holding the address for the full term of the DHCP lease, which is the default of one day. I have trimmed down the DHCP pool to 5 addresses. The Linksys corporate website had a few postings about this issue and I have made the following recommended changes:

    > reload firmware
    >frame burst mode: disabled
    >beacon interval: 50
    >fragmentation threshold : 2304
    >RTS threshold : 2304
    >MTU: 1300
    >Wireless channel 11

    Both laptop clients are WIN XP Pro SP2 using WPA personal security. Some of the postings on the linksys site said the WRTG54GR is a bad design.

    Thanks for your help.
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