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    Ok, I'll admit that I might not be the smartest monkey in the barrel, but...I'm going to bring up a bunch of questions...I have been reading posts here and on other sites that have now confused me...
    What is the difference in a WRTP54G and a WRT54G besides the VOiP for Vonage?
    Is the firmware, either Linksys or 3rd Party, the same (compatable) for the two?
    On a lot of threads here I have noticed that the two are either confused with each other or are interchanged as if they are the same hardware when talking about cracking, hacking, upgrading, and the like. Why?
    I see alot of discussion on a WRTP54G-NA...I can't find anything on the Linksys website that even suggests that it exists...I assume that it is a "techie-term" for an unlocked WRTP54G. Is this correct?

    What I am trying to do is:
    I have 2 WRTP54G's. #1 is connected to cable modem and desktop wired and two wireless laptops. I use Vonage. I want to use #2 as a client with another desktop wired and available wireless. WRTP54G #2 was not showing any options to use as a client or bridge ect. The research began. As I understood it the firmware needed to be upgraded. So I ran CYT on it and unlocked it. I now have access to upgrade the firmware...But what to use? most of the Linksys links on the posts are either dead or wrong for a WRTP54G. OK 3rd party then...But everything listed in the posts I have found to be for WRT54G...

    Any clarification please?
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