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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ameno, Apr 29, 2005.

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    id like to know if it is possible for a wrt to work like a managable switch.
    i know, that the the wan port and the lan ports are generated per vlans configured in the switch chip.
    afaik the switch chip untags them before they leave the router (at least with the default config/firmware).
    but what happens if a already tagged frame arrives on a port?
    will it be retagged (untagged and then tagged with the vlan tag for this port according to the switch), tagged again (vlan frame in vlan frame, dunno if this is even possible) or dropped entirely?

    background is...
    i have 3 external ips from my isp (packets with 3 defined macs can pass the modem)
    i want a vlan for them which gets bridged to/from the wan port and a second vlan for internal ips which gets switched on the lan ports and bridged to eth1 (wlan).

    the frames from the "external" macs would arrive on a lan or the wlan port with a vlan tag, should then being sent over to the wan port and leave the wan port without tags (modem doesnt know what to do with them).
    other direction: untagged packet on the wanside addressed to a "external" mac/ip pair arrives on the wan port, gets bridged from the wanport to the right lan/wlan port and tagged for the "external" vlan.

    hope you understand my wicked thoughts :)
    attached a not less incomprehensible pic :p (not yet, forum gives a pwd error)

    i dont have a router yet... which one should i get for this?
    3.0 doesnt have enough support yet and doesnt provide better hw/features, does it?
    which firmware?
    im quite familiar with linux bridging (ebtables) and vlans...
    tia for your help, great forum :)
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