WRV200 and WAG160N network and vlans setup

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by R_E_M_1999, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Hello.It's my first post here and i am glad that i see that a lot o f people are helping everyone.

    I am e newbie in networks and i have a few questions to make.

    In my home i have a WAG160N adsl router with staticISP ip.i recently bought WRV200 router.I want to practice vlan setup so as i can transfer this setup to my work place(i cant practice this in my workplace straightaway).

    So my WAG160N is always connected with static ip with the internet.I have assigned 2 SSIDs and 2 Vlans in the WRV200.


    I cant figure out how to connect and the setup will be,with the WRV200 and the Wag160N.What should i give in terms of addresses and routing?

    I want to have internet on both vlans but not to see each other.

    The whole point is to transfer this scheme at work so i can deliver wireless internet access to wireless clients,while my wired network is untouched.I have a wired network at work and a wireless PDA,all on the same network,and i want to add and extra wireless connection to internet for wireless clients,but with no connection to my wired and wireless work network.

    Can anyone help?
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