WRV200 VPN = & Linksys VPN Client working, but can I connect to VPN endpoint host from network?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by UnderworldNL, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. UnderworldNL

    UnderworldNL Addicted to LI Member

    My setup:

    Local network with servers and stuff
    | 10.0.0.x
    WRV200 (VPN IPSEC setup and working)
    | internet -ip


    | internet -ip2
    ISP2 ADSL Modem & Router
    Client (Linksys VPN Client running)

    Now, when I use Linksys VPNClient to connect from the Client to the WRV I get the tunnel up and running.
    1. I can access the routerip (
    2. I can access a Linux server (
    3. Example when logged in to the linux box (w) shows connected from

    BUT when I then ping, pong, port 80 whatever from the router or the linux host I just get 100% package loss.
    How can I access client ports from the local net (behind WRV200) when the Tunnel is up?

    NAT-T Enabled
    Local Secure Group
    Remote Secure Group Any
    Remote Secure Gateway Any

  2. UnderworldNL

    UnderworldNL Addicted to LI Member

    Update by me

    Ok, contacted Linksys, they say it should be possible, I'm still trying and failing though.

    I replaced the linksys quick VPN client with The Green Bow VPN Trial and after some tinckering around I can set a static IP for the client in that program.

    Once connected I can then access the client port 80, NOT on the local 192.168 subnet but on the statically assigned IP

    I don't want to spend 60EUR on a client so I'm still searching for a cheaper alternative.
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