WRV200 with no NETBIOS or client ping response

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by rumorstar, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. rumorstar

    rumorstar Addicted to LI Member

    I'm running a WRV200 (firmware 1.0.39) on a simple setup right now trying to troubleshoot this issue. I can ping the route, access the internet from all attached computers, etc., but none of the computers can see each other. I have "AP Isolation: Disabled" and "Wireless Isolation (within SSID): Disabled" (which isn't described like that in the help:

    "Allow PCs on the same wireless network name (SSID) to see each other
    This feature is Enabled by default. Wireless PCs that are associated to the same Network Name (SSID), can see and transfer files between each other. By disabling this feature, Wireless PCs will not be able to see each other. This feature is very useful when setting up a wireless hotspot location."

    I have tried resetting the router with defaults, but it doesn't seem to work. The odd thing is that I had it working *somewhat* for a little bit, but can't find the right combo or recreate it. The best I have had it work is when one computer could ping another based on NETBIOS name and IP address, and the other computer could only ping back using the other's IP address (NETBIOS ping said it couldn't resolve the name).

    Can someone please post the standard settings to get simple file sharing and NETBIOS working on my super-simple network? I can't return this to Linksys since I bought it a year ago and just recently had a place to set it up, so I didn't see these issues before.

    Also, if it's a problem with firmware 1.0.39, then what version can I use (and where do I find an archive with older versions????)?

    Thanks for reading this looong post!
  2. rumorstar

    rumorstar Addicted to LI Member

    Both computers are running WinXP Pro SP3 and I have ensured that they have the update needed for compatibility with the WRV200.
  3. rumorstar

    rumorstar Addicted to LI Member

    I managed to find 1.0.24 on Linksys's FTP (no help from Linksys) and flashed the WRV200. I now can ping NETBIOS names (most of the time) and I have file sharing now! WTF?!?! It also fixed a problem with the DHCP client list in the control panel not showing all the clients (listing 2 instead of the 3 connected) and the client names are now available (they aren't in 1.0.39).

    So when is Linksys going to fix this thing without breaking other (very basic) functions in the process? Is anyone working on a third party firmware for it? This thing is totally useless to me if it doesn't work like it should. I can't use DDNS and VPN in 1.0.24, but I can't access other comps on my LAN with 1.0.39. How did this thing even get released in this state?
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