WRV54G and Keyword/URL blocking

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by rjih, May 26, 2005.

  1. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    Whenever Keyword or URL Blocking is activated my Internet speeds slow to a crawl. I have tried various firmware versions of 2.37 and also 2.38 and all produce the same result. Linksys tech support is clueless.

    Any suggestions to resolve this issue will be welcomed.
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Can't say I've ever run into that before. I think I'll try it out and see if the same happens with me...

  3. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    I have the identical problem here. I reported this problem under 2.37 and 2.38 but like you say, Linksys support seems to be hoping no one will notice.

    The problem is with outbound access restrictions, not in-bound. I have Rogers high-speed and with an outbound access restriction, my speed collapses from 5.0Mbps to somewhere around 0.2Mbps. It's not exactly subtle.
  4. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    I am quite surprised at the small number of comments this question has received especially since one of the routers this section of the forum is devoted to is the WRV54G.

    Additional conversations with a senior Linksys tech support specialist, that experimented with this issue in the lab, indicated that the issue could not be duplicated on their WRV54G. I had hoped that this forum would produce enough comments concerning this issue to determine if this is an extremely isolated issue or one that is wide spread. Since they could not duplicate the issue they have elected to RMA the router. I will report the results.

    hurleyp thanks for the reply.
  5. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    Before they stopped replying to my queries (Incident: 050219-000254) Linksys said it was a hardware problem, then they said a firmware problem. Out of curiosity, do you know the "hardware version" of your WRV54G? Mine is "Rev.02". Outbound restrictions are not really an issue with my installation, but if the hardware is indeed pooched, I would like it replaced.

  6. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    I currently have a Rev.02 that was purchased in January 2005.
  7. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    Rather odd that the user guide, on page 46, shows a Status page displaying a Hardware Version 1.05. The user guide PDF was ceated on March 25, 2004.
  8. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    It looks like the PDF has the hardware and software versions swapped. Par for the Linky course, I guess. ;)

    BTW, I bought mine in January 2005 as well. I wonder if this throughput issue is common to the production run.
  9. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    I received a new WRV54G from Linksys today which I promptly flashed to 2.38. Guess what. It has the exact same problem as the original unit.
  10. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    Wonderful. :evil: Thank you Linksys. Didn't they try to tell you that they couldn't reproduce the problem at their end? Well, at least I won't bother going through the RMA procedure.

  11. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    I am now being told by customer support that a technician from Irvine is suppose to contact me, no later than 7:00pm PDT Saturday, to continue the trouble shooting process.
  12. rjih

    rjih Network Guru Member

    I received the following message from Linksys today which confirms my problem.

    "I have tested this in the lab and have confirmed the problem you are having IS an issue. We are working on it now. Please check www.linksys.com/download in the future for a resolution to this problem. You will see a new firmware (once it has been fixed). Please ALWAYS remember to check the “version notes†before upgrading the firmware. If it does NOT state a specific fix to your problem, please be patient while we resolve the issue."

    "We appreciate you bringing this “bug†to us and hope to have it resolved soon."

    Part one, make them aware of the issue, has been completed. It will be interesting to see how long part two, remedy the problem, takes to be completed.
  13. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    Heck, I reported "part one" many weeks ago after I was tipped by another WRV54G user about this problem. At least you were able to wake them up.

    So now we wait...

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