WRV54G Connect VPN PPTP to remote 2003 Server with MS Client

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 6, 2005.

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    I think I have a one-day old router that may not work as intended for me. :cry:
    - I need to connect from a remote office to a 2003 Server via VPN in another city using pptp AND using the Microsoft client on the remote laptops. Currently they are connecting via pass through, which means only one can be on-line at a time, and it takes 1/2 hour between the time one logs off and the other logs on.
    - Sometimes they are at other companies and log into home office from their network using their vpn pass-through. From what I'm reading, QuickVPN does not like company from other VPN clients. It's also "special" from what I'm reading, and I'm not into "special" :thumbdown:
    - At the remote office, I need them to be able to access the network assets at the home office as well as their own local network assets and have local internet access.
    - This customer is squating on his landlord's network until he can get cable access.(90-120 days). You got it, I have one public IP for two companies and two separate networks. What I plan to do there is put a switch in between the modem and and the two gateways. The landlord company has no vpn to be concerned with.

    I read here about people liking the SMC and DLink for this type of work, but I would appreciate any advice you might have concerning equipment and configuration. I may use the WRV54G for a somewhere else in the future since this one already has a Belkin Pre-N.
    Thanks! :thumb:
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