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WRV54G F***ed up firmware

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Exab, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Exab

    Exab Network Guru Member

    I upgraded to firmware 2.37 about a month ago, I guess.. and everything worked fine... now yesterday I tried to forward a couple of ports that I needed, when I saw that only the first row of the forwarding table appeared and the 2 last colums were blank.

    I opened it in IE and saw that there were "Error on the page".. the javascript in the pages is all f***ed up.. really.. I can't even click "save settings".. but I didn't know that.. so I reseted the router to default.. and now I can't even setup my internet connection because the javascript errors won't let me choose my connection type, nor save my settings.

    I tried re upgrading to 2.37, nothing, then 2.38.. nothing...

    Is there anyway I can fix that?
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Are you sure it's not a problem on your PC rather than the router?
  3. Exab

    Exab Network Guru Member

    At first, I was kind of insulted by this answer.. but then, I tought it might be it.. so I booted my linux box, and it worked on it..

    Then I realised that I had upped my ad-blocking settings in my firewall... it might have blocked some javascript code.. so I've put it back to OFF, and now it works...

    I feel dumb now tho lol.

    Thanks for opening my eyes

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