WRV54G -> VoIP problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by alessiobonzer, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. I own a WRV54G which is connected directly to the ADSL modem.
    I recently purchased a Zyxel ATA device to use VoIP.

    I connected the Zyxel ATA to a ethernet port on the Linksys and the ATA could not register to the VoIP provider.
    Then I connected the ATA device directly to the ADSL modem and it could register to the VoIP provider.

    This told me that some config on the Linksys stops the ATA from working.

    I gave the ATA a fixed IP address and run the 2 tests below:
    - I forwarded the port (configured on the ATA) 5060 to the ATA IP address;
    - I put the ATA in the DMZ
    None of the above 2 allowed the ATA to register.

    Is there any other thing you suggest me to do? Where is the config stopping the ATA from working? How can I configure NAT on the WRV54G?

    Thanx a lot in advance
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