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WRVS4400N - Unable to close/stealth ports

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by cactus, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. cactus

    cactus Guest

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a WRVS4400N, but like many people found problems with the supplied firmware (1.01.03).

    My main issue with the device is the firewall and its inability to stealth/close ports!

    I used Nmap and ShieldsUp to test my WAN interface and found the following ports with problems:

    23/tcp closed telnet
    4443/tcp open Pharos
    40016/tcp closed unknown
    40022/tcp closed unknown
    40042/tcp closed unknown
    40050/tcp closed unknown
    40059/tcp closed unknown
    40061/tcp closed unknown
    40087/tcp closed unknown
    40091/tcp closed unknown

    Because of this I decided to update my firmware using images from Linksysinfo.org and this thread, here are my findings:

    Linksysinfo - v1.01.08
    - Unable to change the LAN settings (the Javascript check is bugged)
    - Above ports are closed and stealthed

    Linksysinfo - v1.01.12
    - DNS Problems link
    - Above ports are closed and stealthed

    Linksysinfo - v1.01.13
    - DNS Problems link
    - Above ports are closed and stealthed

    This thread - 1.1.07_C7
    - Unable to close/stealth above ports

    For me, its great that the other things have been fixed, but being able to close and stealth ports is the most important.

    I have searched this and other forums for a resolution, but found no definitive answer, but if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

    It seems to me that the "IP Based ACL" is not being honoured :eek:

    Thanks for your help.


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