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  1. mustafa_chapal

    mustafa_chapal Addicted to LI Member

    I want to know how to setup vpn on my linksys wrvs4400n router in such a way that i can connect the router from remote site thru a vpn client
  2. lazybeagle77

    lazybeagle77 LI Guru Member

    WRVS4400N VPN - Greenbow


    I also have a WRVS4400N and am trying to setup Greenbow VPN Client to work with it to get around all the issues that Vista has with IPSEC VPN. Doclarge has a good guide on this site called ""Greenbow Setup Guide For WRV54G/RV0XX/BEFVP41/BEFSX41/WAG54G" to help with the tunnel settings. I have not managed to get it to work myself yet. The guide is not specifically for the WRVS4400N but I am assuming that it will work.

    If anyone out there has a step by step guide on using Greenbow with WRVS4400N that would be great.

  3. mustafa_chapal

    mustafa_chapal Addicted to LI Member

    thanks man

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