WUSB11 any "keep alive" tools?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by krattai, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. krattai

    krattai Guest

    Don't know about WUSB complaints at this forum. I've been using WUSB11 adapters for over 3 years now with only one problem. Connections drop during unuse.

    The only way I can get the adapters to pick up the router (WRT54G) again is to disable the NIC and re-enable it. Once enabled, signal strength is once again top notch and speeds are excellent.

    Yes, I have a couple 2.4GHz phones that kill the connections, along with a microwave that does the same. But during the night, when no-one is using those household appliances, the connections still drop. Walk away from the systems for half an hour or so, return and the connection's gone, even though XP indicates the connection is still alive.

    If anyone knows of a tool I can use to keep these connections alive, I'd love to hear about it. Or if there's something that I've missed regarding XP's (auto-reconnect) feature that I'd expect to automagically reconnect the NIC, that too would be grand.

    NB: If I run a long term download (or P2P) on these connections, they stay alive (unless phone or microwave kills them).

  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    So XP reports an active connection but it's effectively dead? When this is the case are you able to ping the router or is it just internet access that doesn't work? What does ipconfig report? Have you tried using a differnet channel for your wireless network? Sometimes you can avoid some of the interference caused by cordless phones. I'd also check to make sure you have the latest drivers for your wireless NICs.

    Regarding a utility to keep traffic active on the network, I don't have any bookmarked anymore (haven't had to use one of those since the dial-up days *shudder* ;) ) but I would image that a quick search for "keep alive utility" or something along those lines on the freeware sites should turn up some possibilities.
  3. bswarm

    bswarm Network Guru Member

    Same problem here on Win98SE with WUSB11 v4. Shows connected, but no up or down communication unless its rebooted or the adaptor is disconnected and reconnected. Happens even during a download. Linksys tech was no help.
  4. robaker

    robaker Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem with my WUSB11 v2.6 connected to a WAP54G v1 router. The PC is an Acer laptop running XP Pro SP2. The driver for the WUSB is reported as being provided by Linksys on 10/03/2004 at version and is signed by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher. If I recall correctly, this was downloaded via Windows Update.

    Next time it occurs I'll try pinging the router to see if it's a problem with the wireless connection or the router itself. I've looked in the event log and can't see anything nasty going on.
  5. iaing

    iaing Guest

    Same problem WUSB11 v2.8

    My daughter's computer is a newer one with a newly installed Win XP Home OS. We use a WRT54GS router and she has a WUSB11 USB adapter v2.8. It constantly loses the signal which goes from full or nearly-full strength to zero in a matter of seconds. We rarely use the cordless phones or microwave, neither of which are particularly close to her room anyway. We cannot discern any pattern to the constant disconnects.

    Sometimes unplugging and replugging the adapter or using the righ-click Repair option on the XP system tray icon reestablishes the connection. Oddly, sitting by her computer with my MacBook Pro, I have no trouble connecting and staying connected. Over the last year of using the WUSB11, her dropped signals have increased. Any words of help would be more than welcome, as we have tried nearly everything (aside from changing advanced settings which are a bit mysterious to me).

    Typically, I have the network set up as 128-bit WEP in Mixed mode, but after recent config changes, all of her connections failed unless we set the network to Open with no security (other than MAC filtering). Are PCI cards better than USB? I will gladly buy a new one if it will end this nonsense! Thanks.
  6. jfitz11

    jfitz11 LI Guru Member

    Fix for WUSB11 (v2.6) and WinXP

    I fixed my own connection by blind luck several months ago and then ran into the same problem for the last couple days... WUSB11 not staying connected to the internet... I'm running a BEFW11S4 router or whatever it is -- it's just Wireless-B, nothing fancy, for those who care.

    Check this review by rejrejrej in Amazon.com.
    (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005AW1H/002-3942749-2129643?v=glance&n=172282 if it doesn't link)

    In short the review instructs to disable WZC, uninstall the drivers (vnetusbl or vnetusbxp), uninstall any Instant Wireless utilities and delete the C:\Program Files\WUSB11... folder. Restart, reinstall the correct driver (for v2.6 it's vnetusbl on the cd). Restart and reinstall the version of the connection monitor that the driver is associated with. Put a shortcut to it in the Startup folder.

    At this point I restarted and the wireless adapter didn't seem to work. So I used the [Instant Wireless utility] install for v2.5 of the adapter and installed it to the same folder the previous utility was installed to, C:\program files\wusb11...

    When I restarted the computer this time I had connections available through the WLAN monitor. This may also be the way to configure your connections if you want WEP enabled.
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