WUSB54G connection problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Welly, May 11, 2005.

  1. Welly

    Welly Guest

    Hello all,

    Running Windows XP (and installed SP2 last night), I've got a WUSB54G card which can see the router - although a fairly low quality, between 45 and 50% - that doesn't have any security on, at the moment. However, it simply won't connect. The card reports every few minutes that it's found new wireless networks, so I click on the network icon in the status bar, click on the relevant connection and it just won't connect at all. Running ipconfig reports "media disconnected". I have another network card, which connects fine. I'm a little bit puzzled as to why the Linksys card won't. If anyone has any suggestions then I'd well appreciate it. I've not put the latest drivers on, so that'll be my next task to do tonight, but in the meantime, if anyone has any thoughts or questions for more info, I'd well appreciate it. We're sharing one network card between two people at the moment, not an idea situation!


  2. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    I've got the other WUSB54G post on here V4. To start with - use the wireless connect utility under the controld panel - "Set-up or add a wireless network". This will take the error out of the game to see if you can connect - at least for an hour or so - thats what I get. I was just told to use the Linksys Utility and update the last driver. I'll give it a shot. It was working great then I update the driver - :(
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