WUSB54G keeps losing link light

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by robr, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. robr

    robr Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G with 2 PCs connecting with a WUSB54G USB wireless ethernet dongle thingy.

    PC #1 works flawlessly.
    PC #2 will be working along and suddenly the dongle loses the Link light, the IP address goes to, the Linksys utility (and the Microsoft wireless utility) both say we're still connected to the router (though we cant ping it or do anything else). The only way I can get back ethernet is to reboot, or uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. I can make this happen consistantly if I try to do heavy copying from another device on the same network segment (my tivo).

    I've swapped cables, network cards between the two machines. I've updated the drivers to the latest ( dated 4/13/05). Has anyone seen this behavior before or have any troubleshooting suggestions?

    I've now configured the problem machine to use a static IP, but I'm guess this wont help. I'm about to go test by copying some files down off my Tivo. Thanks for any ideas.

    ... actually it dropped while I was typing this but then allowed me to reconnect manually this time. That's better than a reboot I guess.
  2. robr

    robr Network Guru Member

    an update...... it appears if I disable WPA and run with no security at all, the problem goes away. i'm in the middle of doing some massive transfers from the tivo to see if it stays up overnight. after that i'll try enabling WEP and see where that gets me.
  3. robr

    robr Network Guru Member

    i take it back, it seems even worse now. not sure why i had one good night of routing going on.
  4. robr

    robr Network Guru Member

    I quit. I just returned the WUSB54G I had running on my PC and ran a wire from the router, out the window, around the house and into my office. Wife's PC is still flawless with her WUSB54G and she does some high bandwidth stuff (uploading a couple hundred meg at a time to ophoto.com).
  5. robr

    robr Network Guru Member

    guess it wasnt wireless, my wired ethernet is showing 'a network cable is disconnected' errors now. i dont know why this started happening. i was working absolutely fine for many months before this began. im going to try changing firmware in the router (dd wrt v22 prefinal 5 right now, ill try final and the v23 alpha if that doesnt work, then back to linksys release firmware if THAT doesn't work, then i'll do a clean windows install as a last ditch effort). i can't live with this kind of reliability.
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