WUSB54G V4 connection drops - Was working perfect!!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by orion6192, May 10, 2005.

  1. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    About a month ago I purchased the WRT54G and WUSB54G wireless package from Frontier (my telephone & DSL provider for $9.95 . I installed it, and it worked pretty well, no major connectivity issues, never get the "XP Bubble" at the bottom say that it's been reconnected.

    I updated the driver during a Windows XP Update last Wednesday and since then my connection is horrible. I rolled back the driver and still the same. I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing, still wants to reconnect about once an hour or so. I even tried the original driver that isn't XP compatible (I think it's and still the same. Then a couple days later I had to reboot my modem and router to get the wireless connection back - even though the WLAN light was on, but the wired connection worked fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We have a laptop that connects fine (Dell 700M from SlickDeals!!), but it's not on no where near as much - no disconnects at all - except when I had to reboot the modem and router - the laptop would not connect that day either so something locked it all up. I have been using WAP since day 1 and my SSID is NOT DISABLED.

    My driver on the WUSB54G is and my firmware on the WRT54G is 3.03.6. Anyone else that has a WUSB54G version 4 - post your driver version please!!

    All other helps and suggestions are appreciated also. I'm wondering if I have registry trash from installing and uninstalling the adapter. I've had issues with another WUSB54G about 2 months ago. But the price was right on this package and I couldn't pass it up and it's actually worked great until I accidently used the windows update and didn't unselect the install . Thaks all! I'm beyond frustration.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Did you have a restore point before te Windows update? If yu did you could have rolled the driver back. There is a driver for the WUSB54Gv4 dated 3/25/2005. did you try that one?
  3. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Yeah - that is the driver - I restore to April 27th tonight and still get disconnects. I'm at driver - I am pretty sure there was a driver in between and but I can only find for V2. I returned my 1st one before 3/25 and I know I dowloaded it from Microsoft Update before the 3/25 date and the newest one just came out - but I can't find anything on Microsoft's website. I even checked the installation history - nothing. I can't find ot but it worked awesome!!! When I did the restore it put me back to prompting me for the CD to install I've read about trying different USB ports on the computer- I'm trying that now. I wish I could find that driver - if you search on microsoft there is nothing for WUSB54G....?
  4. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Tried the Linksys Utility to control wireless connection - worse! Now my laptop is dropping - my router is a WRT54G V3 3.03.6 - Linksys sucks - this is sucka headache!!! My BEFSR41 never gave me a bit of problems - but this one I'm have to reboot it sometimes to reestablish wireless. ANy help?
  5. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Great forum - I see a ton of post with nobody helping anybody else - first the router are mediocre and now the forum.

    I can't believe I am the only person to have this issue.
  6. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Under Wireless -> Advanced Wiireless Settings, try setting the Beacon Rate to 50 and Fragment Threshold to 2304. See if this helps.
  7. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    I made the changes - we'll see. I even put in a new WRT54G tonight V3 - still have the old one also. The new one started dropping connections 25 minutes after hook-up. I changed to channel 10 and changed the beacon and fragmentaton - what about RTS - should that change also?


  8. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    I believe there's a guide somewhere on this forum. I suggest you do a search.
  9. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Dropped connections about 6 times last night. If I change the settings on the router, Beacon and Fragmentation - do i need to do the same on the adapter? I see there is a place for it there also. My CAM is always on on the adapter.

    On a side note - is this a router issues or adapter? My laptop doesn't always seem to drop exactly when the desktop does. It's driving me nuts. I only have one neighbor that has a AP and it's an open Linksys but I barely even see it or pick it up.

    I do not know what to do - buy a PCI card - what brand - different router (brand)?

    This is a new router, WRT54G V3 with 3.03.6 stock firmware and I do have the old one that is flashed with HyperWrt 2.0.0 - I don't know now if this is a adapter issue, AP issue, driver issue? Both the router and WUSB54G are in direct view of each other and only about 30' apart.

    What guide - the router or wireless adapter?

    thanks again all....

    I'd like to get this put to bed!!
  10. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54GS with the Linksys beta firmware and WUSB54G with the driver on its CD. Initially, I was having the same problem, but with those said changes to the router, the drop-out issue isn't there anymore.

    So, I don't know what else could be done to alleviate your problem.

    Is your router set to "G-Only"? If not, try it.
  11. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

  12. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Yup - I'm working on getting the beta from linksys as we speak - I'm on G only.
  13. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Cyberian75 - what guide and specifically what settings did you do?
  14. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Router or Adapter - BETA Linksys Frimware -

    I'm going to post this because that way I cover routers and adapters:

    Okay - tonight I downloaded WRT54GV3.1_4.00.7_US_code.bin from the link at the beginning of this thread - I chose the low clock rate version. So here is how the installation went. By the way - I have a WRT54G V3.

    Download bin from http://www.siemens-mobiles.org/linksys/index.php?dir=WRT45G/Official/ and proceeded to update my firmware via the firmware update in the router settings. So... it flashed - it rebooted - I rebooted it myself for 30 secs holding in the button and proceeded to set-up my security setting and SSID and such.

    Here's where the fun begins: Changed the SSID, changed the default password, changed the IP, changed to G only, left it on channel 6 for now and enabled WAP with AES with an 18 character password and enabled MAC filtering and left SSID to broadcast for now. HEY - I've got an amber light behind my Cisco Logo!!! After I enabled my security settings - not before - odd. I was intrigued. I rebooted my computer, made sure my other two computers could connect wirelessly (one laptop one desktop - desktop has WUSB54G V4 with 2.00.0 driver version.) and both connect fine. Life is good.

    Then I see the Amber light - just sitting there... a bump in the night, I push the button concealed behind the glowing amber light / cisco logo and it starts blinking bright white!!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!! Well - check the other wireless desktop- disconnected! Damn! Checked for wireless AP in the area and one shows up Linksys - a bunch of letter and numbers following it - a strange SSID!!!! and it was open - no security - I connected to it once I clicked on it. I rebooted my main wired desktop and the router by just unplugging it for 10 seconds or so - went into the settings and the SSID was changed and the passkey had changed also but the encryption remained - just didn't really work - odd again. Everything else remain the same - clicked on the SMS button and reset all security settings - just to make sure - when I clicked on G only there was nothing that stayed on the box saying G only - so I clicked on B, it showed up, clicked back on G only and now it showed it, until I hit save. If that is the only issue - life is still good.

    So - hard to test connection without a large time span - so let's try to transfer a large file - a movie - a 4.7GB movie. Transfered in 27 minutes - never stopped, glitched or nothing. WOW - I usually don't transfer large file but did check it before and I could not - so this is nice!!!!

    Now connectivity - disconnected after one hour Sad I thought I was onto something.

    I chatted with Linksys techs and this is what told me:

    Roeland V(19468): I would forward the request - expect the firmware within this day - Thank you very much

    So - I leave you with this - what actually is the amber light and why did it blink white when I pushed it and what the hell is up with the disconnects still?

    Just wanted to give my feedback.

    Any further feedback would be great - especially on the damn disconnects!!!

  15. orion6192

    orion6192 Network Guru Member

    Upgraded to a WMP54G - version 2 not version 4 and I haven't lost a connection in days. Check my complete review on the beta firmware section.
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