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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rickperry, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Maybe someone can help shed some light on this. God Know Linksys Support is about useless:

    I had a WVC54G Camera I was using for about a month with the Sololink DDNS service. Everything was working fine. I could get to it from my office at work through the SoloLink Service.

    About 2 weeks ago the Camera just quits working. I can't ping it anymore, nothing works on it. I call India for some support and they tell be the Camera is bad, So I take it back and get a new one.

    I go through the setup, register the device (removed the other) with Sololink. Everything seems to be fine. I cannot access this thing at all from the Internet at all. I have tried everything possible. New name, opened different ports, uninstalled, reinstalled, over and over, turned security on/off, MAC filtering etc etc etc. For 2 weeks I have been trying to get this to work. Tech Support has offered nothing but telling me to uninstall completely and reinstall. Been there and done that. I emailed them 5 days ago to tell them it is still not working and I have heard nothing, so I give up with them.

    My problem seems to come when I hit the Sololink page to be redirected to my domain and IP address (Comcast) it hangs for a second then I get a "Page Can't be displayed error" DNS error.

    I can hit the camera locally on my LAN. Just not from the Internet.I Have tried to get it it wired, wireless, neither works.

    I am using this with a WRT54GX Router with the latest Firmware upgrade. I upgraded it last night.

    There is no number to call Sololink, When you talk to Tech Support (when you can understand them), they act like they don't even know what Sololink is.

    All I did was swap a camera! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Rick Perry
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