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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by j-rock, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. j-rock

    j-rock Guest

    I recently purchased the WVC54G internet camera and am having some difficulties with the motion detection e-mail option. I have searched the forums but did not find anything. I have also spoken with Linksys, but they didn't seem to know anything about what was going on and couldn't offer any suggestions.

    I have the WVC54G set to e-mail me the 5 second video when there is motion detected. When the e-mail arrives, I only receive the 5 second video in about once in every 10 e-mails. The remaining 9 videos range from 1 second to 3 seconds in length.

    I've changed the quality settings as well as the resolution and nothing seems to help. When I view the camera directly, the video seems to be fairly consistant and fluid.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with the video length sent by e-mail?

    Thank you,

    J :|
  2. ginga

    ginga Network Guru Member

    Hi.... I have noticed EXACTLY the same problem. But, like you, I have not found any resolution. I notice Linksys have released new firmware for the WVC54G (V5.10), I havent read up what the new firmware consists of yet (only found it a few minutes ago) :(
  3. balf

    balf Network Guru Member

    Success - Managed to get video via email

    Just got the Wvc54g and I was having trouble with email alerts- I have managed to get it working after much trial and error.

    On the options page uncheck the "My Mail server requires authentication" checkbox. I had previously filled in my log on details but unchecked the box so the outbound email account and password are greyed out.

    As soon as I tried this it worked! Let me know if you get it to work too.

    One other thing- whilst trying to fix email alerts I upgraded the firmware to v5.1- that might have contributed to it working also.

    Now the next problem is how to view static image remotely without ActiveX as my work won't allow me to download anything!

    I looked at the Active Webcam software but didn't know what parameters to set when creating a camera using the wizard - any ideas anyone??

    Good luck - I hope the linksys helpline read this post.
  4. Bugsqueezer

    Bugsqueezer Network Guru Member

    v 5.10, ginga - where did you get that, then? It only goes up to v2.11!

    v2.11 breaks the motion detection feature, and seems to damage remote access from non-admin users on other subnets.

    Regress to v2.07, and you should be ok.
  5. gbrinck

    gbrinck Network Guru Member

    I downgraded my WVC54G camera from firmware v2.11 to v2.07, and now motion detect is working. Good tip Mr. Bugsqueezer

  6. balf

    balf Network Guru Member

  7. gbrinck

    gbrinck Network Guru Member

    Ok, I upgrade to firmware 5.01:

    Camera Ok
    Motion detects and alerts, Ok
    Wireless without security, Ok
    Wireless with WEP, doesn't work.

    Again I downgrade to 2.07, and everything is ok, for me.


  8. JoPa

    JoPa Network Guru Member

    Easier said than done. The Linksys Web site only carries the latest rev. I wish I had not rushed upgrading the shipped version (2.07) to 2.11. Now I can't go back.
  9. Bugsqueezer

    Bugsqueezer Network Guru Member

  10. JoPa

    JoPa Network Guru Member

    Same here! We owe Mr. Bugsqueezer a big collective Thank You.

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