WVC54G Motion JPEG support

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by netpython, May 2, 2005.

  1. netpython

    netpython Guest


    anyone tried to identify the m-jpeg stream coming out of the camera if using the following links?


    It doesn't seem to conform to any of the 'standard' m-jpeg stream at all. It looks more than a variant of H263+ videoconferencing standard to me. Any ideas, programs to play with?
  2. jcbang

    jcbang Network Guru Member

    I tried ot open the links in msie and mediaplayer:

    http://<YourWebCam>/img/mjpeg.cgi (lost of txt in browser, error in mp)
    http://<YourWebCam>/img/jpeg .jpg (space in url? don't work)

    I have used: http://<YourWebCam>/img/video.asf - that works with mp, but not in mp10 for Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  3. coliseum

    coliseum Network Guru Member

    I have 3 WVC54G cameras. I am able to view each cam using Internet Explorer.

    I am trying to create an HTML WEBPAGE that will give me the ability to view ALL 3 Cameras (with a play and pause button) off of ONE PAGE!

    Is that possible? I will host this page on a secure server, this way I can view all my cams on one page rather than have to invoke each page seperately...

    What do you guys think?

    Also, Anyway to view the images using the Nokia Communicator 9500? It uses real player and the OS is symbian 80
  4. Slacktron

    Slacktron Network Guru Member

    First, please ignore coliseum's post -- this was a useful thread and shouldn't be hijacked.

    As to the video streams, I have found three:
    I get 8fps on the first one, the special WMP-only stream.

    The other two are peculiar.. mjpeg.jpg starts with this header:
    Seems to confuse most browsers, which try to "load" it and never finish.

    mpeg.cgi comes with no headers at all. It does start with a big ascii number.

    Has anyone been able to telnet into the box? It runs a telnet daemon, and wants a login, but apparently my admin or user logins don't work here.
    Connected to g-cam.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Linux 2.4.19-uc1 (WVC54G) (ttyp0)
    WVC54G login: 
  5. coliseum

    coliseum Network Guru Member

    Before you blame me for hijacking the post, can I ask what is the reason you are trying to find the stream of the cams? Isn't it so you can view them through an alternative way other than the standard HTML that is built into the webcam?

    I am also trying to invoke the stream through other means so that I can view them through a page that I will create or through a PDA.

    Anyway, best of luck with whatever you are trying to do.
  6. ZuoNET

    ZuoNET Network Guru Member

    maybe you can try by using the microsoft media encoder, what i've read about it is that you should be able to convert .asf to an mpeg-4 stream which you can put on your website using active x scripting.
    however since i don't know very much about it you might read the detailed explanation on [web:7bbe4dcfea]http://nickyguides.digital-digest.com/stream.htm[/web:7bbe4dcfea]

    if you make something out of this please let me know then i can also put my wvc on-line :)

  7. ZuoNET

    ZuoNET Network Guru Member

  8. fwallenwein

    fwallenwein Guest

    Motion Jpeg with WVC54g implemented


    on the GPL Download Pages of Linksys you can find a GPL Code Release Version: 2.12-EU.
    In this release motion jpeg is ( more or less ) allready implemented.
    You will have to compile it yourself and you will have to make a few changes - but then you choose between mpeg4 and mjpeg.

    Get the Sources and the compiler from linksys.com
    Uncompress the sources
    go to
    fs/apps/cgi/DE/html.linksysEU/adm or
    depending on the language you would like to use

    in the file image.htm you'll find two lines
         //  index = getSelIndex(cf.videotype,cf.h_videotype.value,true);M
         //  cf.videotype.selectedIndex = index;
    remove the "//" to enable this lines

    than find the line
          //   cf.h_videotype.value = cf.videotype.options.........
    remove the "//" to enable this lines

    next find the code sequence
     <td bgcolor="#9292da" class="sp">Image Type:</td>
    <select name="videotype" size="1" onChange="typeChange()">
     <option value="mpeg4">MPEG-4</option>
     <option value="mjpeg">Motion JPEG (MJPEG)</option>
     <td>  </td>
    Remove the " " to enable this peace of code.

    If you also would like to have propper Help text, edit the file
    At the top of this file you can find a part that is disabled with
    Again - remove this two lines, and you'll get help on mjpeg.

    Now Recompile your Image - and you can choose between mpeg4 and mjpg. No sound support, so motion detect - but viewing the picture with Linux, Mac or Firefox works perfectly.

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