yet another revival problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nfoman, May 18, 2005.

  1. nfoman

    nfoman Network Guru Member

    Ok, I have followed around 4-5 tutorials on how to bring back the original firmware, but no luck for me :( I was testing out the openwrt firmware and wasnt satisfied, so I tried to restore my original firmware. Now when I power up the router, the power light blinks constantly and the DMZ blinks around every 2-3 seconds. I am able to ping the router and I cannot get tftp to put the firmware. Just returns errors.

    C:\tftp -i put code.bin
    Transfering file code.bin to server in octet mode...
    Error occurred during the file transfer (Error code = 0):
    Error in SendPacket() call.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. zgamer

    zgamer Network Guru Member

    I had that problem with openwrt installed but I also installed the frei web-interface for openwrt and flashed it from there. after doing that I then did a manual reset on the router and was able to use it from then on out.
  3. nfoman

    nfoman Network Guru Member

    Ok, I have managed to solve this darn problem. I used tftp and uploaded the EWRT firmware and waited about 5-10 min at which point, the WLAN light came on.
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