Netbios issues with QuickVPN

Known issues with Netbios and QuickVPN

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    You can't see your network over a VPN connection? This is all down to NetBios and lack of support for it over VPN connections. NetBios can hammer the throughput of a VPN connection and most manufacturers leave NetBios out of the routers functionality.

    Therefore NetBios on VPN tunnels is a problem to most of us. However there are a few ways in which you can get Netbios working over a VPN connection.
    1. Some Routers like the RV042 / RV082 support NetBios Broadcasts over Gateway to Gateway and Client to Gateway VPN tunnels. You just need to set this up in the Advanced section of the Tunnel setup.
    2. Hostnames may not work but using the Run commands and the UNC format of \\IP Address\sharename should work. Then when you have your connection. map a network drive or create a shortcut to the remote folder, and using WinXP add an entry to the Network Places folder.
    3. Edit the the local machines LMHOST file on every PC on the Network. Add the ip addresses and names you wish to call each machine. This file maybe called LMHOSTS.SAM first of all, you will then need to rename it to LMHOSTS (no file extension) and reboot the PC. This allows you to use Hostnames to connect to the remote PCs, It does not however, give automatic browsing.
    4. If your lucky enough to have your own WINS/DNS Server on the network, add you can also add the WINS/DNS Server IP address to your RV042 / RV082 DHCP settings to allow DHCP to pass WINS IP to your DHCP Clients, or, add the IP address of the WINS/DNS server to your PCs' TCP/IP (WINS) properties.
    The WINS server performs a similar job to that of the DNS server, however instead of resolving Internet Domain Names and IP addresses, resolves Windows Host names and IP addresses.

    Also please make sure that if using Workgroups that the WORKGROUP is the same at each end of the VPN tunnel on the PCs you wish to share resources with, and you have set your PC's firewall to allow incomming data from the other VPN's Subnet/IP address.

    Make sure you create or share a folder you wish to have access to on the machine so the remote site can get to it. without a share you will not get anything.

    To ping your remote workstations, you need to have the remote PC's Firewall to allow ICMP Echo requests.

    Note: The QuickVPN Utility does not handle NetBios through its connection

    If Browsing is slow over the remote computers on a WinXP system try this tweak.

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