1.01.25 firmware for WAG54G 2.0

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by HiSpeed, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Coming soon : :D


    Firmware Version: v1.01.25

    Release Date: October 17, 2005

    Summary of changes:

    1. For Australia region
    2. Fixed NTP sync issue with correct Day Light Savings Time
    3. Added "PPP Authentication Failed" message
    4. Fixed RFC1483Bridged fail to connect to Internet when set with static WAN IP
    5. Fixed VPN doesn't pass traffic under PPPoA
    6. Fixed IPSec Tunnel Crash after 2~4 hours
    7. Fixed PPTP Pass-through
    8. Added ":" for PPP password
    9. Added modulation selection for DSL
    10. Allowed WAN IP to be the same as Gateway IP for RFC1483 Bridged Static mode
    11. Fixed DHCP server will not respond after changing the LAN IP to different subnet
    12. Fixed the GUI refuses to save the WAN settings when WAN IP have a different subnet than Gateway using RFC1483Routed
    13. When FQDN is used on both side of the VPN tunnel, the Gateway will now re-establish VPN session with the new WAN IP.
    14. Fixed when changing the ATM QoS to VBR, the PPPoA would not establish WAN IP connection
    15. Allow maximum PPPOA MTU value to 1500 under manual mode
    16. Add timezone +9:30 for South Australia
    17. Fixed WLAN performance issue when logging is enabled
    18. Allow GUI setting changes for HTTPS remote-management

    ADSL2+ sync speeds/throughput should be superior to older versions...


    Please don't ask me when the arabian version will be available ! :grin:
  2. DJMarkM

    DJMarkM Network Guru Member

    Don't get my hopes up.

    I'm having problems with a WAG54G v2 and PPTP passthrough not working. If this firmware update going to be from Linksys or a third party?

  3. gmarkee

    gmarkee Network Guru Member

    1.01.25 is, again, a mixed bag of results.

    For me personally, it has constant ADSL2+ resync issues. This has been a problem since 1.01.08 =(

    A user on Whirlpool forums has posted that he managed to stop loosing sync by spraying the WAG with electrical freezing spray, obviously indicating some kind of heat issue.

    Anyway, I have had no word from Linksys and don't really expect to anytime soon, Billion 7402 is looking better everytime my WAG screws me over >_>
  4. tallicalord

    tallicalord Network Guru Member

    Errrr .... Links?????? :( where can I find this new firmware?...
  5. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Have a look here and you will see that Linksys is too lazy to generate binaries... :thumbdown:
  6. gmarkee

    gmarkee Network Guru Member

  7. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    As you can see here ? :grin:

    Next year the FR, UK, DE, version ? :thumbdown:
  8. gmarkee

    gmarkee Network Guru Member

    I went to the AU site =P

    But yeah, sucks for you guys =(

    Sucks for us too, its not like the firmware does what its meant to or anything. Just gives us false hopes =(
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