1.01.27 EU WAG54G 2.0 http forward problems?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Ofloo, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Ofloo

    Ofloo Network Guru Member

    I noticed that when i visit certain websites like www.nero.com, www.afraid.org, ..

    Sites that contain Location: http://.. in there header and 302 or 301 reply, so webforwards that those sites won't load. Even when firewall is disabled. Anyone with same problem?
  2. Elmeretto

    Elmeretto Guest

    I seem to have this problem myself with WAG354G v2 1.01.54. Just got the WAG in UK and thought it was some DNS problem but have yet to find a solution.
    Most sites are fine, but www.hotmail.com and my online bank dont work witch is a bit of a pain.

    (other strange thing is that I can't connect via PPPoA (as Talktalk wants me to), but in PPPoE it does connect)
  3. tarquel

    tarquel Network Guru Member

    TalkTalk are not a good choice of ISP btw.

    Can't remember the exact details but they like to offer products you can't obtain in some areas - then expect you to pay for them hehe

    ...as one customer of mine found out :( there's alot of users not happy with them I believe.... but now the rant is over, what was i going to say? lol

    You should be able to connect fine with PPPoA tho - I setup two v2 units at the weekend - didn't have any problems really, except that you do have to set the other details correctly i.e. VC 0/38 and stuff.

    No problems accessing sites that we noticed tho. It may be down to the ISP there tho.


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