1.15 Static DHCP IP field glitches; doesn't save

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by minameismud, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. minameismud

    minameismud LI Guru Member

    Just switched from DD-WRT to Tomato. Pretty slick, except for the fact that every time I click in the IP address field of the Static DHCP page, the default IP address of becomes just 2. If I enter an IP I want to be static-ized, such as, as soon as I click out of the box it becomes just 173. Anyone else have that problem, and how did you fix it?

    Also, I can't seem to log into the SSH account with password authentication. Tried admin/[blank], admin/admin, and admin/[my password to log in to Tomato]. Nothin, tells me my password is invalid. Any help there?
  2. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    U just have to enter 173, click ok, and Tomato will append the front 3 octets for u.
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Should be:

    root/[same password as web gui]
  4. minameismud

    minameismud LI Guru Member

    Ok, makes sense, but when I enter the one line full of info and click Save (I don't click Add), then go to a different page and back, the row I just entered isn't shown and all I see is the default 00:00:00:00:00:00/192.168.x.2/[blank] line.

    mstombs: Thanks! 'Parently, I needed to RTFM a bit closer.
  5. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    U need to click on "Add" first before u click on "Save".
  6. minameismud

    minameismud LI Guru Member

    ** ...click add, then click save...hrm...pretty sure i tried that....alright, device list, click device's ip, fix info on static dhcp page, add button, click it...** facepalm. ** click save ** facepalm...again.

    Thanks! Tomato: still easier than DD-WRT
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