1 Mac Adress, 3 Ip's

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by MondayNitro, Oct 18, 2008.

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    1 Mac Adress, multiple Ip's

    Hello, im new to tomato. i bought a linksys wrt54gl a couple of weeks ago and immediatly traded the stock firmware for tomato. everything is working fine.
    i added a static ip for all devices in my network. it all works good exept for my desktop pc. im wondering why my desktop pc always gets 3 ip adresses assigned by the router. or why does my network interface request 3 ips?

    i assigned 1 ip adress (, this ip shows up correctly in tomato with my hostname and all routed ports work just fine. also this is the ip windows shows for my network interface.
    then there are 2 other ip adresses in tomato. ( and all 3 ip's show the same mac adress. also there is no hostname in those 2 ip's, just a (*)

    this is a little weird because all other devices on my network get the correct assigned ip adress, the one ip adress i assigned as static. but my desktop pc decided it needed 2 additional ip adresses. The Lease Time Remeaining On all 3ip's is nearly the same. the 2 additional adresses have about a minute difference to the static ip i assigned. i also power cycled the router in the past to see if the additional ip's would go away, wich they didn't.

    I checked the log and found this.
    Oct 17 22:13:24 unknown daemon.warn dnsmasq[253]: not using configured address because it is leased to xxx -

    It as allready been leased to the very same device that is requesting it.
    So my question is: Why does my Desktop PC get 3 Ip adresses and how do i get it to stop doing that?

    Any advice would be gladly apreciated.

    Ps: i did a search but could not find anything with the terms i used. i apologize if this topic allready has been covered. tomato firmware is 1.21
  2. MondayNitro

    MondayNitro Addicted to LI Member

    Multiple Ip's from 1 Mac Adress

    just a little bump. No Ideas what could cause this? I took a screenshot so you can see what i'm talking about.

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