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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by MaelstromX, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. MaelstromX

    MaelstromX Network Guru Member

    I have 2 projects on my plate right now.

    1. A few friends and myself live in a dormitory building. We have formed a group that is going to set up a serious network. Here is our situation.

    Most of us have DSL connections (this is the only internet service available...no dialup even). The service sucks and between the 10 of us 1-2 are down at any given time.

    We want to run 2 separate Cat5 lines to each person’s room. 1 for their WAN connection that will all run to a central router and 1 for their LAN connection so they can access the network and the main gateway.

    We want to set it up so that none of us touch the wan connections directly. All of us want to use the same router and have it load balance across all available connections. that way if a few go down we still have service from the others.

    We also want to be able to run a game and Outlook web access/web server so we want to specify 2 connections for incoming traffic to be routed to those connections.

    Also if possible we want to be able to download torrents and such. so that means port forwarding to static IPs inside.

    How would we do all this?

    The only router I can see available so far is the RV016, but i have heard that it can be buggy. Also, I don’t think it can provide us all the options we want.

    Is my only option to use a Linux server with 10 WAN and a LAN one? if this is my only option where can i find instructions on multiple WAN/load balancing?

    ok and my second problem.

    2. I have a friend that lives 3 miles away. No ISPs can provide him with connections (not even dial up) and we would like to provide him with a wireless solution. We have no line of sight to his house. We DO however have line of sight to a mountain side that we run parallel to. So we want to find a way to send a directional signal to a point on the side of the mountain, repeat it and send it back in the direction of his house. The total distance is about 4.5 miles if we do it this way. I don’t have my hopes up for a passive solution. I was wondering however if i can get 2 cheap APs and run a crossover between them, one pointing a directional at the dorms and one pointing a directional at his house.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?
  2. MaelstromX

    MaelstromX Network Guru Member


    Oh. I forgot to as if it is possible to have the router require Domain authentication from the client system before allowing it to pass traffic.
  3. Mr_X

    Mr_X Network Guru Member

    I don't think this solution can work with WRT's. You will have to make a linux router for this. But have a look at http://linux-ip.net/html/adv-multi-internet.html
    About the person at 4.5 miles, it will also be difficult to do this.
    If i understand, you want to use a cable to connect AP. Maximum distance for cable is 100m at 100Mbit and more if you use 10Mbit. If you use cat 6, i think, but i'm not sure you can increase a little bit distance.
    You should use directionnal antennas like Yagi 14db or dishes but the more powerful the antenna is, the size increase. I saw a satellite dish for 2.4Ghz and its size was 150cm.
    http://www.hyperlinktech.com/ -> They have 32db satellite dishes and others antenna, ampli, ...
    You can also try to make your own antennas but don't choose pringles can, they are not very good.
    I'll give a link to a document about best cans size later, i don't have it on this computer.

    Edit: I don't have experience in long distance wireless so i can not advise about the right antenna to choose

    Edit2: http://www.wifisecurity.be/circular_waveguide_optimise.xls
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