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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by t0ffluss, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member

    Hi! :)

    Iwe experimented a bit on 4 and 5km wlan links, and up to now Iwe used a couple of WRT54GS 1.1 with DD-wrt, running at 70mW.

    Both the WRT's have been hocked up with 20cm N-connector - TNC-connector pigtails.

    The antennas Im using is the 24dBi Hyperlinktech directonal antenna.

    Well.. iwe only done some testing at various distances, and Im ready to mount the equipment where it is ment to be (a 4km link from my house to our summer house on an island)

    my question: as of now Iwe only used 20cm pigtails hooking up the antennas to the wrt's, but I was hoping I could use 10m (approx 30ft) antenna cable on each end. (n-connector male - n-connector female) That way the wrt's could be indoor, instead of having it outside, possible problems with overheat, water, cold, and so on...

    I'we done a bit of googling but I havent found anything usefull. will the 2x 10m antenna cables give me alot of problems? (noise, weak signal and so on), I would think the two 24dBi antennas are a bit overkill for only 4km, was hoping the 10m cables wouldnt do any difference... I started out testing with only 19dBi flat panel antennas. And they worked like a charm.


    Best regards
  2. brugar

    brugar Network Guru Member

    Regarding your proposed 30m transmission lines, a long transmission line will reduce the amount of signal delivered to the antenna. You need to look up the attenuation characteristics of the particular transmission line you intend to use. At 2.5 GHz the loss can be and probably are significant.
  3. t0ffluss

    t0ffluss Network Guru Member


    I was thinking of 10m at each end, I think the cable is called "Ecoflex-15" ... 16db pr 100m loss... so.. 1.6db loss for 10m (without connectors), they will probably produce some loss aswell...


    whats the average loss of a connector? 2 -3db?

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