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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by asunc, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. asunc

    asunc Network Guru Member

    Here is what I'd like to do - setup a 802.11G network for my PCs using a WRT54g connected to my Cable modem and ADD a 802.11b network using an old WAP11.

    I will use the B network for IP Cameras that do not support WPA, only WEP. If I can run separate WIFI subnets I can use the WPA for on my G network and keep the more vulnerable WEP stuff separate. Optimally, I'd like to even keep the G network isolated from the Wired PCs.

    Is this possible with the gear I have?

    1 WRT54G
    1 WAP11 Version 1 (Earliest one)
    1 Linksys cable modem
    1 BEFSR81 8 port router

  2. asunc

    asunc Network Guru Member

    Impossible to accomplish?
  3. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    The hardware setup is easy...

    Cable Modem -> (WAN)BEFSR81
    BEFSR81(LAN) -> WAP11 (WEP Wireless)

    BEFSR81(LAN) -> (WAN)WRT54G (WPA Wireless)

    Your BEFSR81 is now serving your "insecure" network, which is nearest the Internet. If I recall correctly, the WAP11 is not a router in any way, so it will use DHCP on the BEFSR81 to serve up IP addresses and will be on the same subnet as anything directly wired to the BEFSR81.

    Your WRT54G would be serving your "secure" network, and you'd plug any machines you considered "secure" behind the WRT54G. All machines can get to the Internet, anything on the WRT54G would use double NAT but should still get there.

    Be sure your WAP11 and WRT54G are using different channels, I'd use channel 1 for one of them and channel 11 for the other, that way they get separation from the default channel 6, and each other.
  4. asunc

    asunc Network Guru Member

    Thanks Nate! I'll try it out this weekend.
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