2 different services in WAG54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by hansel76, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. hansel76

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    I have contracted IPTV from my ISP. My ISP delivers a Comtrend router which allows to configure two services in the same router... PPPoE for Internet and Brigded mode for IPTV.

    I have a Linksys WAG54G, and this only allows one service. Does anybody know any firmware that allows this? Or some other solution so as not to buy/use the router provided by my ISP?

  2. pmudgal

    pmudgal Network Guru Member


    I have the same issue. MTNL in Delhi in India provides Broadband and IPTV in a similar manner, and I also need the multiple PVC functionality that seems to be absent in the WAG54G V2.

    Is anyone aware of a firmware that permits "Simultaneous Multiple PVC" on a Gateway? Are there any other compatible Linksys devices that one knows of?

    I am really cross with Linksys, one doesn't expect a company like Linksys to give you such a limited functionality product for "so much" money........
  3. pmudgal

    pmudgal Network Guru Member

    WAG54G v3

    The answer to the above requirement is the WAG54G v3, looks like the WAG354G in external appearance, permits multiple simultaneous PVC operation. I got mine working two weeks back, have two PVC's (aka two services) showing up as being "UP", BUT, am not able to get the IPTV STB to go beyond its "Logging Into System - 83% progress - then ending in a "The Domain could not be found" Error", I am working with Linksys to get this sorted out. No success in over two weeks. Will post on the forum sometime in the next week to see if someone can help. Looks like there is something either a port block or a firewall in the WAG54G v3 Gateway that is not permitting the IPTV STB (from UTSTARCOM) to access the service interface that shows as being "UP" on the Gateway's Status Page.
  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Not that it will help you guys, but FYI, the SMC ADSL routers 7901 and 7904 allow multiple Virtual Circuits.
  5. rjb02

    rjb02 Network Guru Member

    Hi Guys,
    Multi PVC services are still relatively rare (non existent in Australia anyway), though they will likely become more common in the coming months with the advent of IPTV. For this reason there is still not a lot of experience in getting these setup with devices like the WAGv3, nor a lot of "common configs" out there. What I would recommend is that you check out the "Advanced" button next to the DHCP settings on the Setup->Basic Setup page - this opens up into a second page that has a number of options for mapping Set Top Boxes to particular PVCs. Note I haven't tested this out in anger, but may be of assistance in your scenario.


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