2 DSL lines on 1 local network?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by eq2675, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. eq2675

    eq2675 Network Guru Member

    What I have:
    WRT54GL w/ tofu 13c
    Mindspring 1.5 MB DSL on 1st land line
    New AT&T 768K DSL 2nd land line

    I just couldn't resist the $10 per month offer for the AT&T DSL line. I work out of my home and a backup high speed Internet line is much needed.

    I have a client with 2 T1 accounts where one company uses the first gateway at and the other company uses the gateway at They share all local network resources. Local IP's are static.

    Is there anyway to do this AUTOMATICALLY on my home network? I have a Windows 2003 SBS Server and would buy another WRT54GL router if needed. I want fail over capabilities to the 768K line if the 1.5 MB line is down.

  2. datdamnmachine

    datdamnmachine LI Guru Member

    your best best would be to go with one of the dual-wan version routers that Linksys offers. Not only can you have fail-over capabilities but you would be able to load balence the lines as well. As for our WRT54GL, you can configure that to work as an access point on your network. This is assuming you are using the wireless features.
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

  4. datdamnmachine

    datdamnmachine LI Guru Member

    If it is possible I would check to see what all is supported under DD-WRT. Dedicated boxes have the ability to load balance by session, packet, and bytes as well as auto fail-over. It doesn't require any advanced configuration, just a few check boxes or radio button presses. Results will vary by brand so check around. My opinion, it's worth the extra cash for a dedicated box for the load balancing features alone. It will get you more for your money in terms of using the second connection in conjunction with the primary connection then just having it be used for backup purposes.
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