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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ticlin, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. ticlin

    ticlin LI Guru Member

    All my WRTs are GS version2 and all are running thibor13c
    my laptop has a built-in Intel PRO/wireless 2915ABG

    ***afterburner/speedbooster question***
    -office setup: 1 GS used as AP, speedbooster is useless coz my 2915 isn't not speedbooster capable,

    -home setup: 2 GSes , WDS+AP with WPA+AES, speedbooster/afterburner could increase speed between thoses 2 because the 2 GSes are both capable,
    why it would increase speed for my laptop since the 2915 isn't capable of that speed?

    ***WET + mac address cloning question***
    -at one fo my custommer's office I got an "off-the-corporate-policies" wifi internet access , to grant access, they just filter mac addresses, so I had to tell them my 2915's mac address to gain access to the outside world.
    I would like to setup a GS so that it could connect wirelessly(WET mode) to that wifi network, but, I suppose that I would need to substitute the GS's wifi-mac address for my 2915's mac address,
    how can I do that?

    if that works, I could easily wire this GS back to back with another GS and extend the range so I could have access farther within the plant's walls but that's just really a second step, what I really need is to get the first GS to gain access to the outside world via their wifi...
  2. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    Regardng using the 2915's mac for the WET mac: I believe when the GS is in WET mode, it will use whatever mac is specified on the mac clone page.

    Note also that since your GS will be using the mac of the laptop, you may need to change the mac of the laptop to avoid a conflict. (you cannot have two devices with the same mac).
  3. ticlin

    ticlin LI Guru Member


    nope, tried it already, installed 2 GSes ( office setup) 1 AP + 1 WET
    I did put the WET-GS on a different subnet
    and when I go to the AP-GS Status/Device List the
    mac address shown is the WET-GS wifi's MAC associated with the IP that my laptop gets...

    so that's why I need to know how to spoof the WET-Wifi's mac, and, since in a WET setup my laptop gets connected by the NIC(<=wired) + I manually disable my laptop's 2915 there can't be any MAC conflict all MAC adresses would be different.
    (I know, if I ever want to go 1 step further and wire back-to-back 2 WRTs the the WET one will have a the same MAC as my 2915, .. but I'm just not there yet...)

    any idea anyone?
  4. ticlin

    ticlin LI Guru Member

  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Danielhaden uses 2 wireless routers to achive "normal" wireless speed. With WDS, you loose half your wireless speed because the same radio has to receive and then re-transmit everything it receives.

    Can't help with your original questions though.... ;-)
  6. ticlin

    ticlin LI Guru Member

    yes , but

    thanks for the reply,

    ok same post , last paragraph, danielhaden wrote, that the other guy could enable afterburner, and that leads to my first post, "afterburner question":

    why/how can enabling afterburner on 2 GSes increase speed in a WDS setup if the laptop/desktop doesn't have a speedbooster_compatible_wifi_card ???
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