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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cmitchell, Nov 5, 2005.

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    I just purchased a WRT54G and am having some trouble hooking it up. I have a network that is on /24 and would like the network to be on /24 I entered the ISP info in the static IP boxes (IP, mask, and gateway) but was unable to ping anything but the router IP ( external IP's were unreachable, and IP's in the other subnet were unreachable. The second part is great I do not want connectivity to the .1.1 network, except to route internet traffic. I think this should work but any feedback is appreciated.

  2. DocLarge

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    If you already have one router handling internet traffic, you need to connect straight thru CAT5 from one of its four LAN ports to the WAN port of your second router; prior to doing this, make sure you log into the second router and give it a LAN ip scheme that is separate from the first router's ip scheme.

    On the internet connected router, configure its DHCP server to give out "one" ip address (your second router will take this ip once the cable is run between the two routers). If you have problems routing, you might have to turn the firewall off on the second router because double NAT'ing can play hell with a network.

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