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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by maxmax20, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member


    i am planning the following when moving to my new home.
    Both WRT54GL routers are equiped with Tomato 1.23 firmware.

    1 router is connected the the XDSL Modem and based in the ground floor.
    2nd router is placed in the first floor.
    Both routers will be connected with a LAN Cable to ensure the connection quality.

    Both routers should have enabled WLAN to be able to manager Wireless connections to WLAN clients.

    How can i enable this setup in the tomato firmware.
    If i use WDS i have to setup a MAC Address from the other router, so i think the connection between the routers will be done via wireless, which is not possible due to range from the Routers, its only on a minimum available.

    Theoratical i need those both routers only a WLAN extender to be able to connect in all rooms to the internet.

    Hope someone can help me,

  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor LI Guru Member

    Well, if I understand correctly, you are putting one router on each floor for better wireless coverage. Am I correct? And the two routers will be connected to each other by an ethernet cable, they will not communicate with each other wirelessly, is this correct also?

    If I've got those two facts correct, what you want to do is use one as a router and the other is a simple wireless access point. The first router, the one connected to the modem, connect it and set it up as you would if you were just running a single router.

    The second router, will not be functioning as a router at all. You want to turn off the DHCP server, and disable the WAN port(the second part is not really necessary). Hook the cable coming from the first router to one of the four LAN ports on the second router, not to the WAN port. That should pretty much do it.

    Before you go to the trouble of even hooking up the two routers, I would just do the one downstairs and see how it works. I live in an older house, with very thick walls and floors. My WRT54G-TM router is downstairs(basement) in one corner of the house, and provides a good signal anywhere throughout the house. Granted, it's a small house, but just try it see how it works for you.

    If you do end up with a router on each floor, I would probably use a different SSID on each one, and perhaps manually tell each computer which one to connect to. You would think that the computer would connect to the strongest access point if two are available, but that's not always the case.

    Good luck
  3. maxmax20

    maxmax20 LI Guru Member

    Hi Ed,

    yes, you did understand this correct. I will try when i moved in, and will report you back how it worked.

  4. ng12345

    ng12345 LI Guru Member

    if you use the same ssid on different channels (ideally 6 and 11) with the same encryption and keys; that should work as well, with the computer automatically choosing which one has the stronger signal.

    i did it before with one router running tomato and the other running dd-wrt (no tomato support on belkins) with good results.
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