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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mrputtz, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. mrputtz

    mrputtz LI Guru Member

    I have two wrt54g routers (dd-wrt v23) that need to be access points for my wired and wireless network. They each have a directional antenna (opposite directions). The first wrt works flawlessly. IP addresses are supplied from the DHCP server. The wired and wireless computers all access the internet (the main goal).

    At this point I also connect the second router to the first. I cannot get any internet access from this router. Here are my current connections and settings.

    cat5 from LAN port on 1st(GL) to WAN(internet) port on 2nd(v4)

    1st router(GL)
    ip is default
    DHCP enabled
    Range from

    2nd (v4)
    ip is
    router mode (not gateway)(don't know difference of two router modes here)???
    DHCP disabled

    What setting do I need to change?
    Any help to get the internet to work through router 2 would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Linkmansys

    Linkmansys Guest


    lan to lan ports on both and give that a try
    plus make sure dhcp is turned off on internet modem which you prob have. in the 1st router put another static ip first and then 192.168.02 2nd and on the 2nd the ip of the 1st router as the gatway of the 2nd router.
  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    You cannot have same subnet range on LAN and WAN of #2, that is causing your problem. Routing cannot function in this way. Either disable WAN port, disable DHCP, and use LAN ports. Or use a new subnet on LAN side of #2.
  4. mrputtz

    mrputtz LI Guru Member

    Ok, that sounds good vincentfox. I think I would like to try the new subnet on the LAN side of #2. Will any change to the subnet work for it, or is there something specific I should set it to? Does this also mean I can have the DHCP enabled on both routers? This would be great if it was the case. Also, I'm still fuzy on what mode #2 should be in. I'm assuming not gateway, but there are two router modes. Is one better than the other?

    Thanks again for the Help.
  5. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    I have the exact same issue, and it is driving me up the wall. Two WRT54GS routers, one of them is the gateway, the second one intended for use just as an wireless AP. they are connected to eachother via a LAN port (the Internet connection type on WAP is disabled). The WAP router itself cannot ping the gateway router (and viceversa) or get on the internet, but it can ping everything else inside the LAN

    What do I need to do to allow the second router to get out on the Internet?
  6. mrputtz

    mrputtz LI Guru Member

    Alright Pistolero, here is what I ended up with. I think I originally had two problems. One was the subnet range conflict and the other was a bad cable(I recrimped the connections)

    I have the first router as the gateway. A computer and the second router are connected to two lan ports on it. The second router recieves this internet connection from the first router into its WAN port just like the first one. It is also set up as a gateway. Both have DHCP enabled and work great. As far as the subnet range settings... for the first router with a range from 100 to 149 i think for the second with a similar range.

    Once in a while I will lose connetivity on my client router. I have been able to release and renew the DHCP to get it connected again. One time I actually recieved my addresses from the first router through the second. Strange but the internet worked great.
    Good luck and ask if you have any more questions.
  7. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the tip! I thought about doing that... but then I would like to disable NAT on the second router to avoid double NATing. Any idea on how to disable NAT on DD-WRT?
  8. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I am not sure what direction you guys have gone off in.

    There are plenty of web pages out there about how to turn a router into a plain Access Point. I am too damned lazy to re-type all that right here.


    Basically a LAN network is the domain of a jealous woman, there can be only one DHCP server, one gateway, etc. So if everything is on one big happy LAN you have to demote any secondary devices so they don't try to perform any "router" functions.

    If you want to plug into WAN port of secondary devices and use multiple subnets you can do that but things may get complicated, not so easy to share files and printers anymore. You are also double-NAT to get out, which may break some software.
  9. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member

    Thank you for the linkie. I should also metion that I have my own Windows DHCP server, so both DHCP servers on the linkies are turned off (and their IPs are outside of my scope). Now I think that doc has a point in saying RIP routing should be disabled. How do I disable RIP (or any other routing protocols) on DD-WRT?
  10. Pistolero

    Pistolero Network Guru Member


    Thanks everyone for the replies.. it turned out to be an ARP issue... somehow, both eth1 interfaces had the same MAC address?????? WTF???

    Anyways, your comments nudged me in the right direction to fix this.

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