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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by WOTW, Mar 24, 2005.

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    I have multiple RV 042 on Bellsouth DSL. When I attempt to use Bridged Ethernet on the Westell 6000 router and PPPoe on Linksys, I cannot reach the router (RV042) over the Internet. If I use IP Passthrough on the Westell, I can get to the RV042 and can successfully establish tunnels that stay up for days. However, I cannot ping the far side of either RV042 from the local router to the remote router. However, the router appears to automatically assign a gateway in the routing table which is NOT the gateway for my IP address. Anyone have ideas? (Here are routing tables. Note the ".1" gateways, which are not valid.) 10 ipsec0 15 ixp1 0 ixp0 * 50 ixp0 0 ixp1 * 40 ixp1 * 41 ipsec0
    default 40 ixp1

    Destination IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Hop Count Interface 10 ixp0 0 ixp0 * 50 ixp0 10 ipsec0 10 ixp1 0 ixp1 * 40 ixp1 * 41 ipsec0
    default 40 ixp1

    Also, the last list shows my router which is plugged into a 10.4.16 subnet. Even though I have a static route in from (The LAN entry) to, I cannot ping the 10.4.16 network from inside the router.

    Network Newbie is the correct description on routing issues for me, so don't hesitate to comment. I will not be offended. (It's GOT to be something REALLY easy)
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