2 WAPs One in AP an other in Repeater Mode.

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by python, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. python

    python Network Guru Member

    I set here 2 access points. One as AP mode and the other as Repeater mode.

    It´s working greate for the. Twice the speed of Freya having one WAP as Client instead of repeating.

    But there´s a problem. When I turn of or reset the WAP in AP Mode I loose my network connection.

    I have to turn off both waps, wait a while then turn on the AP mode wap so I can turn the repeater mode wap.

    How can I solve this problem? I can´t have that kind of bug since when my installation is finished I wont be able to go and turn off the other AP everytime the master one have a power failure.
  2. Rolla

    Rolla Network Guru Member

    The WAP in repeater mode works off the WAP in AP mode. If the AP mode goes down, there is nothing for the repeater to "repeat", so will not work.
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