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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by RitchieTheBrit, Dec 5, 2007.

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    Hey peeps! 1st post, but I wasnt sure what to search for, so if this has already been answered, I aplologise in advance.

    Okay, so my current network has a WAG54GS handling all the routing/internet connection, with a single computer connected by a good ole' ethernet connection.

    In another building, I have a WRE54GSv3 giving wireless internet access and file sharing for 2 computers (one has a WMP54GS and the other has a WUSB54GS) and an XBox 360. It all works well, and is rock solid, even in bad weather. The link between the buildings is around 100 meters, but there is a lot of brick between the wireless computers and consoles and the router, making the range expander essential.

    Anyway, I was recently experimenting with media centre, and the 360, using the console as a media extender. It worked pretty well, so well in fact, that I began considering hiding the HTPC in a cupboard out of the way, and using the 360 alone. Now, heres the problem....

    Data is getting sent from my home theatre computer to the range expander, which is then getting broadcast to the router, before being sent back to the range expander, and then on to the console. This leads to a lot of breakup pf the video, due to the reduced speeds the the expander causes.

    What I think I need to do is have a seperate network at this side of things, allowing the media to stream at full speed, but maintain a connection with router at the other end so I can still access the internet from the isolated machines.

    Can I do this my my current hardware, if so, how? I tried changing the IP address of the WRE top, and I could still access the web on my work machine, using IP, though when I changed it to match the WRE IP (, I was connected, but I could no longer access the internet. My understanding was that if the WRE and all the computers at this side share the 192.168.2.XXX IPs, it would create a seperate, but related network.

    Any hints?
  2. RitchieTheBrit

    RitchieTheBrit LI Guru Member

    Wow, this is a really quiet forum! Lol!
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