2 Wrt54g > Dir-655 + Dsl??

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tenchir, May 20, 2008.

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    I have been using 2 wrt54g for a while and it seems that it's not enough to cover my entire house. The original setup is that DSL is connected to the main WRT54G(let's call it wrt1) which is setup for WDS for the second wrt54g(wrt2) in the back house which has two floors.

    I bought the dlink dir-655 for expanded range for the front house and planned to put the 2 wrt54g in each floor for the back house. I am planning to use powerline to connect them. I know that the powerline worked because I tested it and got good signal and speed.

    The problem is how do I connect the wrt54g to the new main router(dir-655 + dsl)? I tried plugging from the lan port from the dir-655 into the uplink port of the wrt54g and I couldn't get internet from the wrt54g. Do I have to connect both by their lan ports? Do I have to change any setting?

    I would like to set it up like this.

    DSL -> DIR-655 <-Powerline-> WRT1 <-WDS-> WRT2

    If the above is not possible with WDS, then I can always set it as:

    DSL -> DIR-655 <-Powerline-> WRT1 <-cat5 cable-> WRT2

    I just need to know how to connect the routers to each other. Also here's the setting for each router.


    SSID: The each have the same id, but with the a different number at the end. xxx1, xxx2, xxx3. The channels are all set at 11.
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