2 WRT54G WDS problem with WPA

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by thevilla, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. thevilla

    thevilla Network Guru Member


    I have two wrt54g's set up in WDS configuration working fine with WEP using Satori4.0 v2.07.1.7sv. I also connect an XP laptop too with no problems. Attempted to switch to WPA to improve security. The wrt54g's connected fine but I needed to enable 802.1x on the router to allow the XP client to connect. This stops my client wrt54g from connecting. If I lose the 801.1x I get the client back but lose XP. I've tried enabling 802.1x on the client wrt54g.

    (The client wrt54g provides connectivity to a Pinnacle Showcentre at 802.11g rather than 802.11b )

    Any ideas?

  2. cgondo

    cgondo Network Guru Member

    i am not sure about this but if i am not mistaken WDS only works with WEP?
  3. dmulk

    dmulk Network Guru Member

    Have you tried disabling 802.X authentication on your Windows XP wireless connection (disable it on the routers too). ? This should work.

    Please post back.

  4. thevilla

    thevilla Network Guru Member

    If you select WPA then XP does not allow disabling of 802.1x. I'm running SP1. It's a comapny laptop with corparate build so I don't have the option of upgrading to SP2 to see if that helps.

    Thanks for the suggestion. If you know how I could disable 802.1x on XP SP1 please let me know. I could well be missing something :wink: . I'm back to WEP for the time being.
  5. dmulk

    dmulk Network Guru Member

    Yeah, you are right, I just read the Microsoft KB and it is required for WPA to work...

    Sorry about that... :)

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