2 WRT54Gs to connect?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by MarvinTheMartian, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. MarvinTheMartian

    MarvinTheMartian Network Guru Member

    Can 2 WRT54Gs be set up so that one has an internet connection and the second uses a wireless connection to the other to route to an ethernet connection off the second (as a wireless adapter to the second computer?)
  2. SAPo57

    SAPo57 Network Guru Member

    You can just use one router for everything, but if you want to use both you have setup the second router to connect to the one with the internet access.

    Imagine it like this: THE ROUTER YOU WANT AS THE GATEWAY FOR INTERNET ACCESS IS ALL YOU NEED-you can hook up wireless clients and ethernet devices at the same time. THE SECOND ROUTER CAN ALSO BE USED TO CONNECT TO THE GATEWAY-so this router would act as a switch(an example for its current position on the LAN) connecting any device wirelessly or through an ethernet connection(wired) at the same time. ALL THE DEVICES WILL HAVE INTERNET ACCESS-unless you improperly configured the routers.
  3. SAPo57

    SAPo57 Network Guru Member


    In your case here's how you can setup your network:

    (INTERNET)-----WRT54G----((((()))))wireless clients/ethernet devices

    ((((((())))))) 2nd WRT54G-----PC's using ethernet to connect or

    using a wireless adapter to connect.

    *NOTICE: the two WRT54Gs can connect each other wirelessly or through a "wired" connection.

    *NOTICE: the PCs connecting to the second WRT54G can only connect through the wired ethernet connection and only wirelessly if they support a WIRELESS ADAPTER. The router isn't the adapter it is the GATEWAY for them only.
  4. jhackney

    jhackney Network Guru Member

    So will this work? I have a WRT54G connected to the Internet. It has both wired and wireless users. Can I run a cable from one of the ports 200 feet (out of range of the first WRT) and connect it to another WRT54G and have both wired and wireless access to the Internet from the second WRT? Where on the second WRT does the cable from the first WRT plug in? Will the second WRT acquire an IP from the first or will it need a static (192.188.xxx.xxx)? I think I know I need to disable the DHCP on the second WRT. Any help would be much appreciated. Any links detailing setup this would be great.
  5. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

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